About Us

Extensive experience, certified expertise, and specialized tools in one place.

TroyBrooke Mechanical: Contractor in West Michigan

TroyBrooke Mechanical is a specialized provider of mechanical contracting to the pharmaceutical and food industries. Our services include specialized sanitary welding and sanitary piping, steam and condensate repairs, plumbing repairs, process piping, rigging and other HVAC projects. We have the capability to provide staffing for both planned projects and emergency work. Customers select TroyBrooke for mechanical maintenance projects because we offer a team approach that includes confidence, reliability, and craftsmanship.

Our Background

John Pasikowski, part-owner, provides expertise in customer relations, troubleshooting, project management, and with all certifications in the welding field, including sanitary welding.

Farin Jones, part-owner, has expertise in customer relations, troubleshooting, project management, project safety, and holds certifications in stainless steel welding, carbon steel, and orbital welding.

David Fellows, project manager and estimator, holds his master plumbing license, B-4 boiler license, and mechanical contractors license. Dave has managed numerous complex construction projects in his thirty-plus years of experience in the mechanical construction industry.

Our Mission

It is the mission of TroyBrooke Mechanical to honor God by providing our clients with quality work for a fair price and challenging our employees to grow in talent and personal character.

TroyBrooke Mechanical

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Phone: (616) 837-9730
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