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Executive Summary

Troy Brooke Corporation is an emerging Mechanical Contractor rooted in West Michigan. Our mission is to be a specialized provider of mechanical contracting to the Pharmaceutical and Food Industry. Our services include specialized sanitary welding and sanitary piping, steam and condensate repairs, plumbing repairs, process piping, rigging and other HVAC projects. We have the capability to provide staffing for both planned and unplanned emergency work. Recent customers, such as Mead Johnson, have selected Troy Brooke for their mechanical maintenance projects. Troy Brooke offers a team approach and a real alliance that includes such intangibles as confidence, reliability and craftsmanship.

Company Background

John Pasikowski, part owner, provides expertise in customer relations, troubleshooting, project management, and with all certifications in the welding field including sanitary welding.

Farin Jones, part owner, has expertise in customer relations, troubleshooting, project management, project safety and holds certifications in stainless steel welding, carbon steel and orbital welding.

Other companies we have provided services for in the past:
Mead Johnson, Nestle, Gerber, New Holland Brewery, Grandvalley Agropurem, Amway, Hackley Hospital, Heinz, Oliver Products, Boers Head Meats, John Controls, and more!

Our current capacity is limited in house but unlimited where we can outsource resources.

Subcontractors we have used include: